Does Blending Destroy Nutrients And Fiber

Does Blending Destroy Nutrients And Fiber?

By this time, we have completely revolutionized ourselves. Our lifestyle has changed to a great extent, including our food choices. Eating raw fruits and vegetables are substituted with juices and smoothies which has set an admiring trend amongst children and their parents as well. These are quick, easy to make and you can easily sneak the desired fruit or veggie into your kid’s diet, which they otherwise would not eat. But the question which triggers in our minds is does blending destroy nutrients and fibers or it makes them more healthy and nutritious for us. Read more! To find out the authenticity.

What Are Nutrition and Nutrients?

In a word, Nutrition is all about the intake of healthy food and a balanced diet, which provides fuel or energy for our day-to-day activities.

The essential compounds, present in our food commodities that regulate growth, repair worn-out cells, and carry out other chemical processes in our body are termed nutrients. The human body is not capable to synthesize nutrients; hence these are obtained from the diet.

There are two main types of nutrients; Macronutrients and Micronutrients, needed by the body to maintain overall health.

1. Macronutrients provide massive energy, to perform daily life functions it includes fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. About 85% of the energy we use daily is obtained from fats and carbohydrates while 15% from proteins.

2. Micronutrients are responsible for repairing damaged tissues and helps to carry out metabolism. It includes calcium, iron, vitamins, and minerals. It is better to obtain all the micronutrients from food rather than taking dietary supplements, however, some people don’t get sufficient vitamins, calcium, and minerals from their diet and are suggested to take supplements by their physicians.

What Is Fiber?

Fiber is one of the most beneficial nutrients, for optimal health. It is a plant-based complex carbohydrate, often called roughage which is indigestible by human digestive system. There are two types of fiber namely; soluble fiber (dissolves in water) and Insoluble fiber (does not dissolves in water).Both kinds of fibers are essential for a healthy diet.

 Foods that are rich in fiber content includes; whole grains (brown rice, oats, and whole wheat bread), fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes. There should be an adequate amount of fiber in your diet; children and adults require 20 to 30 grams of fiber, daily.

Benefits of fiber

  1. The most important advantage of dietary fiber that it improves digestion.
  2. It keeps the digestive system clean, flushes out cholesterol, eases bowel movements, bulks up stool, and makes it softer and easier to pass, preventing diarrhea and constipation.
  3. The daily intake of fiber can also reduce the risk for kidney stones, gallstones, ulcers, and hemorrhoids          
  4. Dietary fibers play a vital role in losing and maintaining weight.
  5. It also improves blood sugar levels and lowers the risk for type 2 diabetes. Fiber can flush out all the toxins which lead to healthy and glowing skin.
  6. In addition to this, it boosts up energy, lowers blood pressure furthermore, and linked to lower the risk of colon cancers.

Do Blended Smoothies Hold All the Nutrients And Fibers?

The greater development, changed lifestyles and daily challenges has lead greater hygienic concerns among peoples especially when it comes to their food intake. Nothing fits more perfectly than a smoothie if you’re having chewing and digestion concerns. Further, meeting the hasty daily challenges and hygiene concerns with an instant and refreshing relief through well blended smoothies and drinks are fun and most convenient to consume. For instance milk, almonds, eggs, bananas, yogurt and chia seeds could be a cumbersome task to intake by chewing, whereas a perfect blend of all nutrients could serve you a meal replacement instead.

What’s surprising to know is people are disintegrated on the talk. Some individuals believe that rupturing the cell wall of fruits and veggies through blending, makes it even more absorbable, hence “liquefying fruits or veggies brings a plethora of nutrients and fibers” The other half might worry that “does blending actually worth in meeting their health goals? “Or “does blending lose nutrients and fibers?

Let us know how to make a perfect smoothie before investigating the best blended jam-packed nutrient-based smoothies. Don’t make them worse for you by an inappropriate choice of ingredients, timing, and preparation techniques. To assist you and know better what combinations are perfect for a healthy routine morning smooth beverage; Reads how to build a better smoothie, according to a nutritionist.

Cater!  What your body demands of you, adding too much fruit to your smoothie could result in a high caloric intake which could adversely affect your health, say if you are diabetic. Consulting a dietary consultant is the best option to know your nutritional requirements. what’s the next factor to consider is the perfect timing to blend and duration of consuming the blended constituents.

Myths Or Facts

We cannot deny the fact that people do carry diversified opinions on consumption of blended smoothies, some of them are facts yet others are just Myths.

What could be the ultimate choice of a smoothie lover? Think! Perhaps the best blender is one of the factors for their ultimate affection. The fact to admit is it’s the choice of your blender that turns the smoothies good or a great one. Another fact that follows is your nutrient-rich beverage could ideally lose its essential nutrients if the blender is heating the smoothie up to and over 118 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s a good practice is to minimize the blending time up to 2 mins.

For those who say smoothies make you put on weight, let them know the reality that it’s been an effective part of a weight loss diet plan for a long. That’s something that falsifies this myth! Furthermore, the fiber in it helps keeping concentration levels lowers for all vitamin intake, hence undoing the myth that it could cause you an overdose of vitamins through a smoothie intake.

What’s The Supporting Evidence?

So you need convincing evidence? Certainly, we’ve got plenty to outweigh that statement “does blending destroy nutrients and fibers?” Is more a myth than a fact? Although it could possibly occur due to various factors discussed above but not generally.

The hunger expert Robin Spiller’s study in this contrast is a remarkable one. Comparatively, These blended smoothies served a fuller stomach feeling an hour longer than ones who ate a whole food diet. Review complete details regarding the fact

Do you know that at least 5 servings (400g) of fruits and veggies are ideal per day as recommended by WHO? Check out yourself to see the patterns of increase of nutritional intake by added smoothie consumption in daily diet plans. Just imagine how many of you fall short of this mark, but it can be overcome by taking just 2 to 3 servings of liquefied veggies and fruits.

How Long Nutrients Last After Blending?

The whole fruit smoothies contain an abundance of nutrients and are rich in fibers, providing a nourishing meal. But a smoothie will start losing its nutritional value if not drunk right away. A blended slush lasts up to 4 hours, outside the refrigerator before the alimentary content degrades; the reason for this is the oxidation process that takes place as the smoothie is exposed to air, which deteriorates its nutritive values.

In case, you need to store your smoothie, always use an airtight container and fill it up to the brim leaving no room for the oxygen secondly add some antioxidants like lemon juice to slow down oxidation and keep it refrigerated. These steps will possibly extend its life for around 24 hours.

Bottom Line

The more natural, the pure it is! So, Blending individually must not be considered as the only source of nutrition neither it could replace the importance of chewing and absorbing nutrients naturally by eating meals. Unquestionably “does blending destroy nutrients and fibers?” Is simply contrary to reality as the researchers support the fact they are an instant source of great nutrients boosters and a perfect solution to your swallowing and digestion problems.


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